Growers Need Help

Loss to pest birds is recognized as a major problem in agriculture. Products and services on the market today are failing to give growers what they need: an effective, economical, and environmentally-friendly way to deter birds.

$1000 Per Acre Lost to Birds Every Year

There are a multitude of deterrents deployed by growers today, from noisy and unpopular propane cannons to expensive manual labour services like falconers to options like ultrasonic noisemakers to which birds easily acclimate. Still, the average berry farm absorbs over $1000 worth of damage per acre from birds each and every growing season.

A Better Option Exists

"Birds are ravaging agricultural crops. But help is on the way --- the gUAVas autonomous UAV system offers an effective means of dispersing nuisance birds from crops. The service is less time-consuming and less expensive than traditional solutions and most important of all, it works!"
- Dr. David Bird, Prof Emer, McGill University, Author of over 200 Papers and 10 Books on Raptorial Birds

Effective & Economical Prevention of Crop Loss

Our proven, proprietary technology enables effective, persistent deterrence of pest birds at a fraction of the cost of existing options available to growers, in a hands-off solution that saves time and money.

Bird Deterrence

By combining diverse & unpredictable flight patterns with a variety of on-board auditory and visual deterrents, all kinds of pest birds are scared away and never become habituated to the UAVs.

Automatic Recharging

Using vision-guided precision landing, our UAVs automatically dock on charging stations that immediately begin replenishing power for the next flight, ensuring maximum total flight time.

Cloud Control

Our industry-leading cloud platform allows the entire system to be monitored and controlled remotely, minimizing labour while maximizing flexibility and adaptability to changing needs over the growing season.

We're already saving growers' money

Our solution has been successfully operated on blueberry farms in the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada, and we are expanding to other high-value crops all across the province. Soon, we'll be protecting a wide variety of crops all across the globe.

Want to know more?

We'd love to hear from you. Is your farm suffering under heavy bird pressure? Are your existing deterrence methods expensive, frustrating, and unpopular? Or do you have some completely different use for autonomous UAV flights? Let us know!